Alphinity Investment Management

Alphinity is an Australian equities investment manager majority owned by its investment team who have worked together for more than ten years.

Alphinity aims to deliver consistent outperformance for its clients by investing in companies it has identified as being quality undervalued companies which it believes are in, or about to enter, a period of earnings upgrades. Its process for identifying such companies includes a distinctive combination of fundamental analysis and quantitative inputs.

Alphinity's investment approach is based on a combination of strong fundamental bottom-up research and targeted quantitative inputs aimed specifically at identifying mispriced companies likely to deliver earnings in excess of those expected by the market. The combined output of this fundamental and quantitative research is brought together in Alphinity's proprietary Composite Research Model (CRM).

The CRM is used throughout the investment process and enables the investment team to objectively compare companies across as well as within sectors, in addition to identifying research priorities, providing both 'buy' and 'sell' signals and helping to construct portfolios that aim to offer a high level of return for a given level of risk.