Greencape Capital

Greencape is a specialist Australian equities fund manager based in Melbourne, Australia. Greencape's investment philosophy is grounded in the belief that markets are inefficient and that qualitative factors are generally under-appreciated in investment decisions. The investment team at Greencape is focused on, and committed to, delivering superior performance, directly aligning its interests with those of its investors.

Greencape is an active, 'bottom-up' stock picker. Whilst Greencape does not target any specific investment style and will invest in stocks displaying 'value' and 'growth' characteristics, its focus on a company's qualitative attributes will generally lead to 'growth' oriented portfolios. This is an outcome of its bottom-up process. As such, Greencape's investment style may be classified as 'growth at a reasonable price'.

Greencape's research is grounded in fundamental analysis, with its efforts focused heavily on an intensive visitation program encompassing all participants in a given supply chain (suppliers, customers, competitors, regulators, company officials, and offshore competitors). Piecing together information from various sources allows Greencape to develop proprietary insights and ultimately arrive at better informed and strong conviction investment decisions. Greencape's investment process involves assessing stocks against set criteria which are then ranked. This analysis ultimately condenses down to a single stock recommendation ranking.