Kinetic Investment Partners

Kinetic Investment Partners is a specialist smaller companies investment manager. Kinetic invests in small companies that are outside of the S&P/ASX 100, and with a market capitalisation of more than $25 million. Kinetic aims to consistently generate excess returns relative to the benchmark on a risk-adjusted basis.

Kinetic finds investment opportunities using a disciplined research and valuation process. It focuses on a company's ability to create shareholder wealth by generating a cash flow return on investment in excess of the firm's cost of capital. Kinetic understands the key drivers of a company by carefully assessing both quantitative and qualitative information regarding the company's business environment and strategies.

Kinetic is a style neutral fund manager, and expects to outperform the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index throughout the business cycle.


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Kinetic Emerging Companies Fund

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